Prose and Poetry

SAMS Wants Your Talent

We know you’re out there.    Now is the time to show your talent for writing.    If you have a poem that you would like to share with other S.A.M.S. members, please send it in to the web master.††After review, it may well be displayed here for all to enjoy!


Old Glory

Ode to WW 2 Veterans

The Scotland I Remember

Loved Ones Have Passed On

The Gathering

Ode To A Private

To Our Armed Forces

The Blood Is Strong

Women, Whisky and War

In Salutation And Celebration

The Highland Games

Ode To Mead


†  “Short” means short.  We're limited for space on the web site so, no essays or novels.
††  Please note that all submissions must be scanned for acceptability. Hey guys, your spouses and kids are going to read these.
Also, the web master does not have final say.

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