S.A.M.S. On Parade & In the News

Post 81 PC Henry G Johnson and Mark Ballinger, both Marines, place a wreath and participate in the memorial celebration of remembrance of the “Nighthawk 72”, crash of 8 April 2000 at the Manara Asirport.

Post 1821, St. Louis Renaissance Faire Turkey booth. Pete Cauchon, Jack Grothe, Steve Marquard, Steve Butler, Niel Cantwell

Post 1824 Blue Star Memorial dedication 29 March at Springfield National Cemetery
L-R: Bob Lanning playing for the Blue Star Memorial dedication. The plaque for the Blue Star Memorial. Joan Bowen, Donna Zeller both of the Garden Club and Post 1824 piper, Bob Lanning.

Post 1852 AGM L-R: RC Rob Donaldson, Keith Besherse, Les Tate, PC Kevin Rentner, Bob Davis, Larry Ledgerwood, Larry Peck, Dwight Cranston.

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