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BZ to 1814’s Dale Green who traveled to Brazil to represent the U.S. in the Brazilian National Scottish Games in March. Dale won a Bronze Medal in the Wounded Warrior category. Congratulations for making the U.S. Armed Forces, Clan Leatherneck and SAMS proud. L-R: PC Bruce Dull, Dale Green and Steve Grant

Post 1775 Tartan Day South 6 April
L-R: 1775 VC Chris Carter, Colonel Purdy B. McLeod Jr., USA Ret, 1775 PC Kenneth A. Lloyd, Comptroller Robert F.M. Duncan XIV

Rio Grande Celtic Festival. Distinguished Veteran of the Festival: Post 1912 PC Tom Hill

Post 1836 after the San Antonio Highland Games 9 April. L-R: Mike D. Canion, VC David Smith, Tara Smith, RC Bill Stevens, Kent Farquhar, PC Michael S. Canion, Jack Steel, Alexander Canion, Liralen Canion, Bryan Canion, Raeleen Cummins Vieyra and George Cummins Vieyra.

Post 1787: L-R: PC James F Grant, Treas / QM Robert Williams, past Adj Peter Gregg, Adjutant Charles C Scott.

12 April Post 81 Recruiting station at the Southern Arizona Veteran Hospital. R-L: PC Henry G Johnson , Gordon Walker and under the table, service dog Ashley Munro.

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