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From Kabul. Major Struse is a SAMS member of Post 808 and I send to him with help from a few local folks including Sharon Young, one of our SAMS 1921 volunteers. These particular packages were sent from a Blue Star Moms group that I shared his address with. —Chuck Jamison, Ade to RC 16 His email: “Aloha Tri-Counties Blue Star Moms Chapter in Northern California! Thank for the generous care packages I received recently here in Kabul, Afghanistan! I shared the care packages with some young Marines assigned to the Marine Security Guard Detachment here at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. We are honored that you remembered us and thank you for loyal and continued support to our military servicemen and servicewomen. I have attached a photo of me receiving the packages and with the young Marines with whom I shared these goodies with.”


Fells Point Maritime Festival
Post 1814 FO Bill Morice and PC Bruce Dull

Fells Point Maritime Festival
Post 1814 FO Bill Morice, Kay Morice,
QM Harriett Dull and PC Bruce Dull

Southern Maryland Celtic Festival
Post 1814 VC Dave Ricklis Post 2 Mark Wardlaw

Post 1814 Kilt Night L-R: PC Bruce Dull,
Susan Buchanan, Adj Tyree Lewis, Ray Buchanan,
Santa Tony Mills, Kim Mills and WM Chuck Scott (P1787)

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