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22 Aug. Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
The guard of honor and combined pipe bands prepare for the arrival of the 100 year old Chieftain, Captain Alwyne Farquharson of Invercauld M.C. for the official opening of the 2019 Ballater Highland Games in Deeside. The guard were from Balaclava Company, the Argyll and Southerland Highlanders, 5 Scots, with the Highlanders 4 Scots Pipes and Drums. The bands played ‘Invercauld House’ as the Chieftain, second from left, was led through the guard of honor by bannerman Jim Payne and Invercauld Highlanders Randy Finlay and Gary Humphries, followed by Captain Farquharson’s family and Clan Farquharson.

L-R: Commander for Canada Randy Finlay, Commander for USA Gary W Humphries II, Invercauld Highlanders of North America Clan Farquharson and Adjutant for SAMS Camp 1745.

Retiring Captain AAC Farquharson, served 71 years as the 16th Chieftain of Clan Farquharson.

The new Chieftain
Philip C. Farquharson at the Cairn if remembrance along the banks of the river Dee. This is first time Invercauld Highlanders have been here in over 80 years.

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