S.A.M.S. On Parade & In the News

Post 1861 at the 2019 San Diego Highland Games.
L-R: Dennis Waldrop, David Schuett, PC Jay Rindler, and Heather Wilhelm.

Post 7 in DAR celebration at The Colonial Cemetery in Savannah on 4 July.
Jim Vejar, Gary Yates, Shaun Taber, other not identified.

Above: Post 81 Palominas 4th parade.
L-R: Curt Tipton, Robert Daniels, Greg Kelly, Rick Bowman, VC Ben Middleton, Kiven Hardison, Ron Roberts Left: Post 81 Mt Lemon 4th parade
Mark Ballinger in front, Robert Montgomery on left Steve Larance on right. 

Post 1821 at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery for Jack Grothe’s funeral.
L-R: Steve Butler, PC Allyn Hinton, Harry Moppins, Jr., RC 10 Howard Patton, Post 1824 PC Michael Gibbons, Neil Cantwell and Pete Cachon

SAMS Past National Commander, Tim Cooke at the repatriation of the bodies of 22 Marines from Tarawa.

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