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Past Dues Notice

Past Due Notice

Have you paid your Dues?


DUES – $35 per year, 1 July – 30 June.

Every member is responsible for keeping their annual dues up-to-date, either as an individual or through their post.

Individual members – send check with National Member R Number (NMRN) on the memo line.

Posts – may collect National dues and send a check with names of members and their NMRN.

For electronic payments, contact Jason Hudson, National Comptroller for instructions

Members-at-Large may pay either with personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or electronically, as noted above.

Posts are responsible for keeping track of their members.

You cannot be a Post member if you are delinquent with your National dues!

ALL dues are due no later than 25 June.

After 30 June, you are in arrears and will not receive The Patriot and will not be able to vote in the National Election

Make National dues checks payable to:
SAMS National
Include your full name, NMRN, and Post number on all correspondence and send to
National Comptroller, Jason Hudson along with your member renewal form to:

Natl. Comptroller
Jason Hudson
Phone: (864) 415-0571


Member renewal forms can be found on the
SAMS National Website and/or you can pay online at:

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