S.A.M.S. On Parade & In the News

Post 1814 David Ricklis received the Silver President’s Volunteer Service Award for performing more than 250 volunteer hours serving Veterans and Scottish Society during 2019 program year. L-R: PC Bruce Dull, Jacklin Mays, (1814’s newest member), QM Harriett Dull. Jackie’s father was a Korean War veteran, Army Artillery

Veterans Day, Post 2 Stacy Spadafora and PC Chris Angell participating in the SPIRIT OF LIBERTY FOUNDATION “America’s Flag” unveiling in Washington DC. The weather canceled the event of bringing it to the National Mall and the Memorials, but we made some good friends with the St. Andrews Society DC Color Guard who, along with some pipers and a USAF Color Guard, braved the soggy conditions for a brief ceremony on the West Lawn of the U S Capitol.

ABOVE: Post 1921 Jack Magee, sings National Anthem at California State Vietnam Memorial, Sacramento Capitol Mall.
BELOW: Post 1921 at California State Vietnam Memorial ceremony, adding 20 names to the Memorial. Color Guard includes Chuck Jamison, Joe Blaylock, Sandy Welsh, Jerry Long, Doug Walters, Jim Hamilton

Post 2 at WW II Memorial, D.C.
L-R: Pc Ralph Wallace, Stacy Spadafora, Mark Wardlaw, Dennis Shelfski, Bill Elliott, Chris Angell, piper


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