Commander’s Call & National Reports 

From the Commander     Excerpt from current standing bylaws (2019) which are prefaced by corporate charter (1987).


    1. Intent: The creation of local SAMS Posts and Camps shall:

(1) Foster local year-round activities to provide a mechanism for each individual member of the Society to contribute imagination, time, efforts, and spirit in such a way as to further the national objectives of the Society;
(2) provide necessary ongoing inter-member relationships that will result in a strong and permanent foundation under the national organization;
(3) permit the Society to address the needs of local communities consistent with its IRC501 Page 9 (c.) (19.) Non-profit charitable status; and
(4) create an “esprit de corps” which is the backbone of any truly effective organization.     2. Procedure: The Council shall, by Society Regulation, designate the process for, application format, operations, discipline, termination/dissolution, liabilities, and method of approval and/or chartering of Posts and Camps. Posts and Camps shall report to the respective Regional Commander, and coordinate administratively with the Operations Officer for administrative purposes.

    3. Post Commanders and Camps shall operate Posts and Camps IAW the Society National Charter, Bylaws, and Regulations. Post Officers are elected by majority vote of the Post membership. Posts and Camps shall report to, and shall report all Post and Camp membership status and Post and Camp activities to the Regional Commander and coordinate administratively with the Operations Officer for administrative purposes no less frequently than quarterly, to assure Post and Camp operations are consistent with the Society Charter, Bylaws, Regulations, and with the Post Charter. Posts shall provide their Regional Commanders copies of Post By-Laws. Any alleged violation of the Society Charter, Bylaws, Regulations, or the Post Charter or By-Laws, by any Post or Camp member, shall be reported to the Executive Committee by the Regional Commander. Posts and Camps shall coordinate administratively with the Operations Officer for administrative purposes.

    4. No Post or Camp, nor any Post or Camp member, shall have any authority or power to execute any contract, agreement, obligation, or liability of any kind purporting, intending to, or representing to bind the Scottish-American Military Society, it’s Officers, Councilors Appointees, or any of it’s Membership, and no act or statement by a Post or Camp, or any Post or

Camp member shall be deemed to be an act or statement of the Society, unless, in either case, the specific act or statement has first been considered by the Council, and subsequently expressly adopted and approved in writing by a majority of the Council, and further, this section shall be incorporated in each Post Charter granted by the Society.

    5 Chartered Posts shall, on a biennial calendar (every second year), file a comprehensive roster of all then current good standing members of the Post. Said report shall be promulgated by Post command voluntarily during the two year anniversaries of its charter birth year. Failure to file report may originate a revocation, by National, of Post charter without notice. Supported by those terms described by Post-petition and or form of Post charter, Regional Commanders shall administer oversight compliance by Posts within their region.

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