S.A.M.S. On Parade & In the News

Post 81 October memorial service at Sierra Vista Veterans cemetery

Post 1298 November Austin Celtic Festival

ABOVE: Post 1921 Jack Magee, sings National Anthem at California State Vietnam Memorial, Sacramento Capitol Mall.
BELOW: Post 1921 at California State Vietnam Memorial ceremony, adding 20 names to the Memorial. Color Guard includes Chuck Jamison, Joe Blaylock, Sandy Welsh, Jerry Long, Doug Walters, Jim Hamilton

Post 2 at WW II Memorial, D.C.
L-R: Pc Ralph Wallace, Stacy Spadafora, Mark Wardlaw, Dennis Shelfski, Bill Elliott, Chris Angell, piper


November, Post 2 Mark Wardlaw, David Wilson and Stacy Spadafora. David was prior Royal Navy visiting the WWII Memorial in DC

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