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Post 1298’s new look. Casual polos to beat the Texas heat. L-R: Richard Briggs, Ken McWha, PC Shott, Barry Stark, Petra Wagner, Gene McPhee, and Jack Ralston. photo courtesy R. Briggs

Post 1914 Saturday crew for the Maryland Irish Festival
L- R, Harriett Dull, Susan Buchanan, Dale Green, Ray Buchanan, Jack Gordon, Bruce Dull and Dave Ray.

  Post 1298 and the Fort Hood Retiree Day activities. L-R: PC Shott, Richard Briggs, and Jack Ralston.

19 September, 600 Scouts, Legionnaires, Legion Riders, VFW, Patriot Guard, Post 1914 and others attend the funeral of Army Captain Phillip Brown (served 1966-1980) see Captain Brown received proper military burial. As far as the VA knew, Captain Brown had no family, making it an unaccompanied burial. L-R: Jack Gordon, Mark Wardlaw, James Schiaffino, Dave Ricklis.

  The Ralston family at New Hampshire Highland Games in Lincoln. L-R: Jack’s son Marcus, grandson Quinn, granddaughter Alexis, and Jack, Post 1298.
(photo courtesy of Jack Ralston)

5 Oct, Post 1814 PC Bruce Dull was the Honored speaker at the Anne Arundel Co. Military Appreciation Day. His speech drew the loudest response and laughter of all the speakers. After the ceremony, Bruce was presented an AACo Police Challenge Coin from the Chief of AA Co PD as well as a second coin from the County. There was a bit of Navy-v-Marine sparing between the Chief and Petty Officer Dull. The Chief admitted Navy won but Bruce still let Harriett drive till they were out of the county.

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