S.A.M.S. On Parade & In the News

Post 802 L-R: Chieftain of the Caledonia Society of Hawaii Bruce McEwan, NA Sita Menor, PC Larry Phillips and Past NC Tim Cooke

Post 808 at the War Memorial Natatorium, Waikiki, Honolulu. L-R: PC Larry Phillips, Piper Melanie Brown, National Adj Sita Menor, Piper Kim Greeley

Post 808 Veterans Day activities L-R: NA Sita Menor, Gov. Inge, PC Larry Phillips

The National WWI Centennial plaque for Hawaii's only WWI Memorial.


L-R: Celtic Kula Pipe Band Pipers Kim Greeley and Melanie Brown, performing at the dedication of the Centennial Anniversary plaque at the War Memorial Natatorium.

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