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    We now have the headstone in place for Francis Kelly MOH USN. Francis aka Archibald Houston has lain in an unmarked grave in Glasgow, Scotland since 1938. He was actually born in Glasgow in 1859 and took the name Francis Kelly to escape from the law in Scotland. He travelled to the US, joined the Navy and six weeks later he was involved in heavy fighting during the Spanish-American war. For his actions he was awarded the MOH. I have worked on this for over a year with various agencies in the US and finally on 30 May I received an e-mail from Tom Howard, Chief of the VA stating that they would supply a headstone for Francis. You can view my video of when the headstone arrived in Glasgow on youtube.

    Sincerely, Pete Laird

    While attending the College of Piping in Glasgow, Post 1739 Piper Curt Gomer, visited the grave of Francis Kelly, USN, to pipe a tribute to the Medal of Honor recipient from the Spanish-American war. Kelly’s gravestone was just installed due to the untiring efforts of a few Scottish vets. Curt describes the event as “very memorable.”


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