Commander’s Call & National Reports 

From the Commander     Who and what is this entity called “National” that is a constant reference in all of the affairs of the membership of SAMS? The short answer is “it is you, the membership”. The long answer is a little more sophisticated but with the same overall outcome. The “what” is available to all in the form of our bylaws and regulations. The “who” is 100%within the control of good standing members of the society who are given the opportunity to elect one half of national every year. All offices are of a two year term with no term limits. These eleven officers (councilors) are delegates of the membership, they are your agents who perform point duty, in your name, on all questions of government. The regulations they approve are fully in enforceable effect and await only membership stamp of approval (ratification) to make formally legal. As a technical note, five of the eleven are designated as executive committee who perform the routine duties of management while the other six sit at large. Each of these eleven councilors, by virtue of your vote, is given the possession of one council vote to cast in what he believes to be in your best interest. National is you, as opening statement declares.

    The geographical location of these councilors depends entirely on two things; he individual’s willingness to step up and the selective choice of the membership during the voting process. Locality is affected yearly with ongoing elections. The current councilor locus reveals that region one provides two, region four provides one, region six provides two. Region thirteen provides three and region sixteen provides three. (grand total=eleven). The resident councilor, participating noncontiguous states, spanning six time zones, are Massachusetts, Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina, Colorado, California, and Hawaii. Councilor locus is subject to change with every annual election.

    The ballot provided to the membership every year in the fall Patriot contains the sum total efforts of a specially designated committee to identify qualified candidates for inclusion on the ballot in the election process. Any good standing member of the society, with position abilities, that can satisfy a few other minimal requirements can be moved from nominee status to that of final candidate. Contact the nominating committee, they are on duty year round every year.

    SAMS is structured as a republic, defined as a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law. As a member of the internal governing council you become one of eleven point men for the entire membership. You are National.


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