Commander’s Call & National Reports 

From the Commander     Observant readers of SAMS publications may have noticed the disappearance of several Camps from our website and magazine. These were removed due to extended inability to meet terms of approved Camp petition. Two remain and are expected to soon advance to full Post status. Camps were not, and never will be, of a permanent nature (see a special condition later in this article). The SAMS Camp program was created a few years back for the express purpose of providing a more simple means for those members at large who were in need of a vehicle to gain access to a fully operational permanent Post status, usually in an area where there were no other Posts or groups that would provide a more personal presence of Scottish comradery. Because of their temporary and non-chartered composition, their existence and longevity are controlled by authority of the executive committee, council approval is not required. After approval and lettered recognition, a Camp is obligated to achieve one of three measures. Advance, Extend, Expire. Advance is preferred, Extend is available on request and Expire is prescribed. The Camp has between one day and one year to satisfy the pre-agreed terms of approval. While permanence, as earlier stated, is not an allowed aspect, extensions of time to gain members are easily granted when a closeness to required count is evident (see not permanent proviso). Those members of an unsuccessful Camp retain all their rights granted as a society member, however, and should, upon gaining a number of ten, petition for a full and permanent Post status with associated one year rights to arms bravura.

    The ExeCom will soon initiate a similar action into the current standing of the various Posts as to their prevailing and term stature. Recent ratification by the membership of a mechanism to address non-performing Posts is now integral to our bylaws and allows the “healthification” of our overall posture. A memberless Post is a crewless ship waiting for that rogue wave to breach her float. A commandless Post will challenge the wave and endure the resultant breach.

    The establishment of a new region consisting of outposts’ remains under study dependent mainly on the anticipated interest of those members of the society that currently fall under the mark B class of membership known as Commonwealth Veterans and reside offshore.

    The cellular nature, compartmentation, of SAMS overall stature represented by its many individual Posts is how we produce the “noise” necessary to being recognized as who we prefer to be. Our bylaws define the age limits of our members as none below the age of eighteen and an over continuum. We now have a few who have exceeded their centennial. Old Soldiers never die, they just join the Scottish-American Military Society and run a kilted skirmish where “ere” they be, turf or tide.


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Last Modified: 06/25/2019 -- 1245 hours PST