Commander’s Call & National Reports 

From the Commander     Restrictions behoove exploration. Been getting kicked around a little bit lately. It happens a lot when one experiments with thinking beyond the illusory walls that are generally assumed to be unpassable. New born pups raised in a cage will identify it as home and only randomly stray far from it. Us old dogs have seen the world without and joyously roam about its extremities. It’s not necessary to climb a rainbow but peeking through a few knotholes can often reveal a better place. The classes and count limitations thereto imposed by enrollment in the 501C19 IRS designation greatly restrict membership by non U.S. applicants. While we are initially conceived as, and dedicated to, the concept of “Scottish American”, why not make room for more of the worldly Scottish types? The currently allowed ratio of thirty nine to one would, with increased gross membership, allow for a few offshore “outposts”. Some form of alternate binding agreement would be needed to surrogate. We have offshore members-at-large who are great potentials for Outpost creation. With guidance from our in-house counsel crafting of language to substitute our standing form of post charter would preface inception. Corporate charter, IRS and corporate bylaws, by either definition or omission, currently relegate all fifty three of the Commonwealth nation veterans to the two and one half percent class of membership.

    The only two alternatives would be to either change our class OR increase our membership count. Increasing the count will not change the ratio and changing the class is not a recommended choice of our corporate counsel. Thus lies the catenary (present framework) of our current corporate existence. The currently, being used, approach by ExecCom is simply to increase our count, a time consuming, but perfectly legal approach. A few earlier novel ideas have been set aside. In that the idea of creating “outposts” is extraneous to all current readings of our governance, those same documents do allow a small Member at large window to recognize an outpost creation. Those members of the society, elected as representatives of the membership would first be queried, as an addendum to the bylaws would then be required to provide technique.

    ANALOGY: Two of the strongest men on earth cannot defeat the catenary curve in a length of line while a flea sitting midspan can move the two closer together. Moral? Muscle alone does not provide solutions when a little thought, not unlike a longer lever, can move the earth. SAMS command structure affects this posture when peeking through knotholes.


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