S.A.M.S. On Parade & In the News

3 March, Post 1845 Fair Park, Dallas regular business meeting.
L-R: Larry Duncan, Gary Ballard. Bill Stevens, guest Michael Jenkins,
Kevin Gates, Cathy McWilliams, Daniel Patz, Thomas Duncan,
Matt McClellan, Russel Hurd.

Post 1845 staffing the pavilion in the Scottish Village at the North Texas Irish Festival, sharing our rich heritage and building our Post by outreaching to prospective members. L-R: Bill Stevens, Thomas Duncan.

  Post 1845 at the 2nd Annual Sherman Celtic Festival with a display of historic military gear and weapons.
L-R: J. Lester, Steven Allen, Kevin Gates, Cathy McWilliams. Matt McClellan, Bill Stevens, Jerry Collier, Troy Jenkins, Thomas Duncan, Russell Hurd

Flagstaff Post 2000 members Ray Jordan and Meira McKay, along with VFW members Rex Stermer and Robert Noel, in the Sedona St. Patrick’s Day parade

19-20 May. Post 1912 at 30th Annual Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival, at the Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque

Post 1814 and Post 2 at the So. Maryland Celtic Festival
L-R: Tony Mills (1814) Unknown, Sam Kistier (2), Patrick MacRae (1814), Patrick McGrattan (1814), Mark Wardlaw and Ralph Wallace (both Post 2)

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