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From the Commander     The year is 2018, approaching mid-course of a one hundred year journey. In celebration thereof and in the interest of a briefing for the newer members OR a refresher for the longer standing members, the following constitutes a semi-comprehensive collection of selected excerpts from our currently in effect bylaws (2010). Some board approved regulations may apply. The bylaws represent an extension of the original corporate charter legally affected at the time of our nascence. The full content of both corporate charter and bylaws are available on our website. Current regulations (11) are available from our National Adjutant. The full and true intent of referenced documents is known only to the writer, the reader is advised that “they say what they say and don’t say what they don’t say” (Antonin Scalia) [**reg 3:00-3/***reg2:00-1, 2:00-2]. Excerpts follow:

    OBJECTIVES OF THE SOCIETY (From Article II of the Charter) In accordance with [IA W] Internal Revenue Code [IRC] Section 501 (c) (19), as now or hereafter amended, and IAW the Laws of North Carolina. (1.) To honor, preserve, promote and perpetuate the proud tradition of American military service, with particular emphasis on the military contributions of those of Scottish origins. (2.) To support and promote a strong national military establishment capable of defending our rights to the freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness, for which so many of our forefathers and contemporaries have given their lives to establish and preserve. (3.) To perpetuate for the present and the future, those traditions, values, qualities and attitudes from the Scottish and American past which will ensure respect for freedom and justice and the unstinting willingness of our citizens to serve in the Armed Forces of the United States of America to protect and preserve those undeniable and inalienable rights, whenever and however they may be threatened. (4.) To preserve, foster and promote our Scottish-American heritage, the wearing of our various Clan tartans along with appropriate Scottish and American military accoutrements. (5.) To preserve and promote Scottish and American Armed Forces customs, traditions and heritage by: providing a forum for exchange of military history and genealogical information; conducting public education programs; presenting military student honor awards; sponsoring and participating in activities of a patriotic nature; supporting Scottish activities at Highland Gatherings; making appropriate charitable contributions; and providing a fraternal atmosphere and social and providing recreational activities for members. (6.) To acquire and administer funds and property from dues and contributions which, after payment of necessary operating expenses, shall be devoted to the accomplishment of the Society’s Objectives stated above.

    ARTICLE I — FISCAL YEAR, ANNUAL DUES, ASSESSMENTS AND FEES. The fiscal year of the Society shall begin on the first day of July. The annual regular member dues and those of other membership categories shall be an amount determined by the Council, with annual dues payable prior to July 1 for the ensuing year. The Council may from time to time establish, by SAMS Regulation, any other membership Assessments and/or Fees, as needed and/or appropriate.

    ARTICLE II — MEMBERSHIP: (1.) Society membership shall be comprised primarily of past or present members of the Armed Forces of the United States who have served Honorably, hereinafter also referred to as veterans, and who are of Scottish or Scots-Irish decent; however, individuals currently serving or having served Honorably in the British Commonwealth Armed Forces also are eligible. (2.) An applicant’s membership date shall be that date the application is processed and member number assigned. (3.) Membership

Eligibility and IRC Section 501(c) (19) requirements, as now or hereafter amended: (a) All persons age 18 or older are eligible for regular membership with full rights and privileges without regard to race, creed or sex, provided, however, that no application may be accepted from a person if, at the time of such acceptance, said acceptance will cause the total membership of the Society to be: (1) Less than eighty (80%) percent persons of Scottish or Scots-Irish heritage; or (2) Less than ninety** (75%) percent past or present members (veterans) of the Armed Forces of the United States as defined by Section 501(c) (19) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) of 1954, as now or hereafter amended, and who have served Honorably; or (3) Less than Ninety Seven and one-half (97.5%) percent past or present members (veterans) of the U. S. Armed Forces who have served Honorably, Cadets (including only students currently in college-level or University R.O.T.C. programs or the several Armed Forces Service Academies) or the spouses, widows or widowers of any such member. (b) Categories of Membership: Shall be as herein, and as now or hereafter amended and approved by the Council, and subsequently approved by the Council as a part of Society Regulations. (1) Charter Regular (CR) and Regular (R): Those members who pay dues annually. (Charter Regular membership was closed at the Second Annual Meeting of the Society). (2) Charter Life (CL) and Life (L): Those members who pay dues in one lump sum contribution equal to twenty (20) *** times the regular annual dues. (Charter Life membership was closed at the Second Annual Meeting of the Society however a Charter Regular member who subsequently becomes a Life Member shall be designated a Charter Life Member). (3.) Honorary Memberships: (Non-Dues-paying and Dues-paying): (a) Honorary (H): Regular Honor Honorary Membership may be conferred upon a person in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the Society or to the community at large. It may be conferred only after a written recommendation is submitted by a member or members of the Council, which clearly justifies the recommendation. To be conferred, the recommendation must receive majority approval of Council members. The rights and privileges of regular membership may or may not be included, as determined in each case by the Council. (b) Honorary Life Membership (HLM): Upon award by the membership of an Honorary Life Membership, the Council shall decide an appropriate amount of Life Membership dues for each such membership. Any decision including monies shall include a portion to be transferred from the General Fund Account and deposited to the Life Membership Escrow Account. (c) Honorary Life Award Membership (HLA): Recipients of the Medal of Honor or the Victoria Cross shall, upon application, be designated Honorary Life Award Members, with all membership rights and privileges, and with waiver of membership dues.

    ARTICLE III — THE COUNCIL: (1.) The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Council (Board of Directors) comprised of at least eleven (11) members who are past or present veterans of the United States Armed Forces or British Commonwealth Armed Forces, to-wit: the five (5) National Officers of the Society (Officers) and six (6) Council Members at large (Councilors). Council members shall serve as Delegates of the membership as that term is described in Chapter. 55A-6-40 of the North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Law (the Act), and shall have authority of all members under that Chapter, except the authority to elect Council members and the authority to amend the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws, which shall be reserved to the members. The Council shall be chaired by the National Commander. (2.) Terms of Office of Councilors and National Officers: (a) Council Members at large (Councilors): Three (3) members shall be elected each year for a term of two (2) years. (b) National Officers: National Commander, (NC); National Vice-Commander, (NVC); National Adjutant (NA); Comptroller (Comp.), and Assistant Adjutant /Comptroller, (Asst. NA/Comp.) shall be elected for two (2) year terms of office. The offices of the NC and NA shall be elected in one year, and the offices of the NVC, Comptroller, and Asst. NA/Comp. shall be elected the following year.

—Howard J Farquharson, NC

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