S.A.M.S. On Parade & In the News

December Wreath Laying, Post 1847 Honor Guard and Team Rubicon at Fort Douglas Cemetery, Salt Lake City

Post 1821, St. Louis Renaissance Faire Turkey booth. Pete Cauchon, Jack Grothe, Steve Marquard, Steve Butler, Niel Cantwell

15 Dec. Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA. Post 76 Gary Hodges presenting a Remembrance Wreath for the Merchant Marine; Cadet Autumn Fischer on station at the wreath stand.

Post 1821 St Louis Scottish Games. Allyn Hinton, Sid Boyer, Quince Watt, Jack Grothe, Niel Cantwell, Piper Wayne Davis.

LEFT: 15 Dec. National Cemetery, Hampton, VA Post 76 Gary Hodges at the grave of Jerry B MacCubbin USA RIGHT:15 Dec. National Cemetery, Hampton, VA. Post 76 Merchant Marine Wreath

16 Oct. Homeless Veterans Coalition Stand Down El Paso Co., Colorado, Post 1806 Jay Mackay, assists a homeless vet stowing jeans that we issue. We served 195 homeless veterans this day, with seven Post members assisting with jeans. Over 120 US Air Force airmen from Peterson and Schriever AF bases served as personal escorts as seen here.

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