Commander’s Call & National Reports 

From the Commander     Doppelganger, OR image of oneself, OR the sea of SAMS:

    As one who has sailed in amphibious convoy and watched as the frothy screws and rigid rudders of preceding ships have risen clear of the seas whose dense waters are the source and direction of passage across their endless surface, the importance of surrounding locus shows its ugly, or beautiful, temperament. The German battleship Bismarck was sunk due to its loss of rudder guidance. With three quarters of the earth’s surface covered by water, all divisions of our military have amphibious abilities which nicely correlates to the membership of our society.

    The Scottish-American Military Society is a direct product of the environment which it creates for itself. As the seas, or environment, both of which can have extreme variabilities, dictate so shall the inhabitants thereof prosper. The full membership of our society has once again memorialized its schooling of the past by reinforcing its mainstay (bylaws). To wit: the recent process of ratification did produce an upper super-majority on each of the several items as proffered. i.e. [award of recognition 92%, good standing committee members 98%, document preservation 94%, member classification and lineal eligibility 97%, life fund limitations 99%, registered service mark preservation 99%, biennial status verification 86%]. These former fully enforced, council approved regulations will no longer appear as individual items in the book of regulations but remain in full effect as inclusions in the amended bylaws. The book will remain as a currently downsized version awaiting future council approved regulations as they may materialize. During the augmentation of the aforementioned, and now complete, process of amendment to the bylaws, national has become more shrewdly aware of a troubling disparity in membership overall understanding and growing locus of the “digital world” (the availability and use of digital tools to communicate on the internet, digital devices, smart devices and other technologies). Although ninety percent of our membership appears to have become somewhat proficient, National cannot fully digitize due to the disadvantage that would generate to the remaining ten percent. Reconciliation, without the loss of certain proven attributes such as our proven, often dog-eared Patriot, may be attainable in future years.

    The newly amended 2019 bylaws are available on our website,, and supersede all previously dated issues. While our bylaws act as a rudder to maintain a goal oriented course, it’s the screws that move our ship of endeavor. So, good members, earn your armigerous society (sic) and be a screw.


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Last Modified: 03/19/2019 -- 1808 hours PST