Commander’s Call & National Reports 

From the Commander


    A recent compilation of the variousnational membership densities, with specific attention to the several regions, produces an interesting overview. Regions five fourteen and sixteen show a predominance in membership count with each of the three reflecting approximately thirteen percent of the total membership. National commends the regional commanders of said regions and encourages the commands of other regions to observe their example. The terms of member eligibility, mandated by corporate charter are routinely maintained at time of member application. Although past governance has expanded the types of category to seven, all canand are blended to the five categories outlined in the Society Bylaws.

    The national membership densities, as compiled, bear no recognition of either terms or category and represent only the counts of the various regions. While all members are initially identified as members-at-large, approximately fifty percent of the total have exercised their option to also belong to a post or camp. It should be noted that even though national maintains a roster of members according to their categories of membership, mainly for corporate purposes, there is no distinction made between individual society benefits or liabilities. All members are of equal standing with equal rights, privilege and prestige. While posts generally operate within a comfortable radius of of their home location they are not regulated to do so. Posts can and are encouraged to show their presence wherever and whenever they choose to do so. Common courtesies shall be practiced amoung abutting posts or camps. The configuration of regions are not, in any way, restrictive.

    The executive committee, in accordance with its bylaw mandate, continues to sanction improvements to the overall objective of regional districts. A preliminary draft of density contours reveals a posture with poor gut and rich flanks. As previously indicated, sitting regional commanders are invited to participate as a sub–committee on long range planning. Regional Commanders might also check the recently updated dress code as a paragraph has been added that may be of interest.

    National, through its executive committee, recognizes that the bulk of our membership has and still is slowly evolving from the “old school” standards to one of computer dominated methods of operation. While some of the “new” ways are advantageous, national will hold on to many of the “old and proven” ways for what should be obvious reasons. (takes time to teach an old dog new tricks(sic)). There are better ways to accomplish certain of the routine duties necessitated by the nature of our society’s corporate structure. National will continue to balance its methods to best suit the dual nature of the membership. The membership will receive advance notice containing the specifics of any change that is intended to improve the maintenance and prestige of their membership in the society.


    –Howard J Farquharson, NC

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