S.A.M.S. On Parade & In the News

The inaugural meeting of Andy Jackson Camp 1804. Front L-R: Tim Cochrane, Christine and Roy Haney. Back L-R: Jesse Dowd, QM Jim Mitchel, CC Kevin Browning and Adj. Tim Dowd.

Post 48. Table of Rememberence for Elementary School. L-R: Brian Wood, John Low, Linda Low, PC Roy McClymonds, Jim Carlisle, VC Bill King.

7 Feb. Camp 1787 CC James Grant presented Vietnam Commemorates to Vietnam veterans of American Legion Post 13 in Delaware City. CC Grant is also the Commander of the Post.

Post 48. RAF Memorial Marni Waldron.

Post 1814. At Burns Nicht Dinner, 25 Feb, the Saint Andrews Society of Maryland presented Sgt. Major Dave Ricklis with the Outstanding Service Award for his contributions to the Scottish American Community. After 50 years, Dave retired this year as Drum Major. Seen here with his wife Gladys. Dave now brings his vast knowledge to the ranks and Color Guard of as the Post’s Regimental Sgt. Major.

Post 48 at Golden Corral L-R: Jim Carlisle, Carlos Gomez, Rich Smith

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