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    ExecCom chair advises his ongoing acceptance of qualified nominees for the 2018/2019 term of office for the seats of National Vice-Commander, National Comptroller, National Assistant Adjutant/Comptroller and three Councilors–at–Large. Interested parties should contact his office for procedures. Nominators may do likewise. Nominations will close on July 31st.

    National no longer supplies loose copies of the “Recruiter”. New members and all Posts can download copies of the current application for membership directly from the SAMS website S–A–M– (go to membership page). Note that membership dues effective July 1st have been increased to thirty five dollars ($35) per annum, the first increase in fourteen years.

    At the recent behest of Alfred Ankrum NCE, National has resurrected the status of legal ownership of the SAMS “mark” which had fallen into disrepair. Regulation 4:00-3 will now insure its perpetuity. The “mark” is actually our full coat of arms as approved by the Lord Lyon. The philosophy behind such action is to create a source of long term income for the society. Any member of the society with knowledge of, or access to, vendor(s) who would have an interest in licensing the use of our mark should contact my office.

    Even though the recent reductions in expenses and increase in income have been affected, a shortfall is expected to occur within the next fiscal (2017/2018) year. (ExecCom is awaiting professional forecast of the budget committee). As a non-profit with a mandated and actual zero profit margin with subsequent absence of pool monies we may (repeat may) find it necessary to visit the only remaining area of potential positive cash flow. Namely, the methods of providing the Patriot to the membership. The annual cost of providing the Patriot has increased by an amount approximating thirty percent over the past ten years. Pending a decision to proceed I would anticipate maintaining the appearance but adjusting the issuance, all of which would be subject to approval by member delegates (council).

    ‘And so, my fellow Scots – ask not what National can do for you, ask what you can do for National.’(Sound familiar?) Reference is also made to the history page on our website

    –Howard J Farquharson, NC

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