Commander’s Call & National Reports 

From the Commander     Members at large (Knowledge is your key) As a standard practice by the officers of our society, on August the fifteenth of each successive year, the National Adjutant, as directed, and in accordance with bylaws and regulations, will produce a certified list of all then good standing members of the society. At that time any and all dues delinquent members become discontinued. Certified members become fully authorized recipients of voting ballots issued within the fall Patriot. Members at large are held individually responsible for punctual payment of valid dues by any of the several methods made available to them. Unpaid members are previously declared delinquent on July first. Posts are no longer authorized to act as intermediaries in the collection of national dues UNLESS they request and receive a written dispensation from the office of Comptroller.

    The society does maintain a Facebook page of some twelve hundred members. Irrespective of the fact that substantially less than half of said members belong to our society, those pages have proven to be a source of potential society members, on occasion unearth interesting subjects for discussion and have also led to creation of new Camps/Posts in regions of heretofore minimal society memberships.

    To those members at large who do not belong to a Post (half of our membership do not), if there is not an existing one in their neighborhood, or they simply can’t find one, the solution is easy. Create one of your own within one of the regions shown on our “contact us” page. HOW DO I CREATE A POST, Submit a standard three page petition through your Regional Commander to the National Vice-Commander, he/she will review for content, advise, or process through the National Council, you will need a minimum of ten good standing members and a Post command. If approved, a letter of recognition will be issued stating that after one year of successful operation you will receive a formal Post charter and authority to display the arms flag. If finding the initial ten members proves difficult national provides a starter procedure. HOW DO I CREATE A CAMP, Submit a standard three page petition through your Regional Commander to the National Vice-Commander. He/she will review content, advise and/or approve your petition. You will need a minimum of three good standing members and a Camp command. If approved you will receive a letter of recognition as a camp. National Vice-Commander need not process Camp petitions through Council. You then have between one day and one year to advance to Post status. (See fore stated process). Camps do not receive a formal charter. (at the end of one year a Camp either graduates to Post, requests extension or expires).
Howard J Farquharson,  NC

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