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Post 1864 piper, Rob Bledsaw, piped on 1June at the opening ceremony of the Vietnam Moving Wall, Minden Project. He also piped at the 2 June candlelight vigil in front of the Vietnam Moving Wall.

Post 60 Stone Mountain Games.
Front Row L-R: Adj Thomas Rick Conn, Joe R Bush, PC Victor McKelvey, Loren Emery
Back Row L-R: VC Robert E Gordon, Chaplain Jim House, Sgt at Arms Larry Morrison.

10 June Honor Flight-NV Ceremony, Post 1864 auxiliary member and Nevada Air National Guard member, Mariah Connell, piped the Honor Flight veterans into the airport and to the ‘welcome back’ podium of the ceremony. Also on hand PC Vaughn Moncrieff

Post 1852 Kelso Highlander Festival Color Guard

Post 1852 Kelso Highlander Festival. RC Rob Donaldson driving the prime mover for the SAMS float during the parade through downtown Kelso.

1852 PC Kevin Rentner in the Kilted Mile at the Portland Highland Games in July. He finishing 7th overall and 2nd in the masters division (40-59 years old) in a field of about 45 athletes

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