S.A.M.S. On Parade & In the News

RC “Big Momma” Maggie and her gang of five at Elizabeth Celtic Festival, 15-16 July.

Post 777 “Welcome Home Troops Night” L-R: VC, Nelson Reynolds; PC Tesha Seawell; Michael Myers, Ted Inness

Post 1806 Pike’s Peak Fest R: Chris Boughn takes a question from a visitor, flanked by our DI wearing the Coast Guard tartan.
L: Chris Boughn showing RC Maggie Rothermell our scrapbook.

Post 808 participated with Malama Moanalua’s invasive algae removal, called the Community Huki. (approximately 2,400 lbs of invasive algae!) We also held a Post gathering for dinner, drinks, and a discussion about the Battle of Bannockburn lead by QM, Garth Hess.

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