Commander’s Call & National Reports 

From the Commander     It’s bra is it! With particular reference to the cover of this quarterly issue, the essence of SAMS is given a visual representation of its overall composition. We show our presence throughout the United States. The author had contemplated the introduction of density contours indicative of the member geometry within their respective regions but decided that simplicity would be better received by the reader. Scots appear to have an inbred attraction to things liquid (Pun intended) by their show of numbers along the shorelines of the east and west coasts. Our three most membered states, as of a year ago, were California, Colorado and Washington with others following close behind. Region member densities are, and will remain, in a constant state of change. The individual regional locus configurations, as shown, represent the most compatible arrangements with current membership conditions. Future adjustments, with special attention to the land masses, are recommended as conditions demand. Twenty to thirty regional commands would likely be more responsive to a larger membership makeup. In addition to its value as a visual representation for current members of the society, the potential for non-members to see a connection between their home base and the presence of SAMS in their area is evident. A similar connection presently exists on our SAMS Facebook page where a substantial percentage of the participants are non-society members. The command locus will appear sporadically in a pinned position. Future reconfiguration would/should be a growth necessitated occurrence. Any sitting regional commanders who are interested in an ad hoc design committee to recommend a future locus befitting an anticipated substantial growth in membership are requested to contact the current chair of ExecCom. The designation of regions is, per bylaws, included in the duties of the executive committee.

    Back to the future. But, first a little of the past. The Comptrollers report can be found elsewhere in these pages. That report reflects the outcome of last year’s effort (FY17) which ended July 31st. Although “operating” shows a small shortfall, the overall outcome produces a small annual increase in worth. Due to the continued increase in membership, the annual cost of providing the Patriot to members will show a proportionate increase. Now, to extrapolate the future (FY18). At this writing we are just over one month in to the New Year, the newly increased annual dues and corresponding reduction in expenses have not yet had time to show their expected effect on annual returns. The executive committee will continue to explore other means of acceptable methods of annual net revenue balance. A mid-year (fiscal) adjustment to corporate

policy will necessarily be put before council during mid-year when extrapolation is more accurately targeted. Some form of adjustment to the provision of the Patriot to the membership is anticipated.

    –Howard J Farquharson, NC

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