B. J. McCausey

    B.J. McCausey, Member CR011, died of pneumonia on September 26, 1993 at the Winchester VA Medical Center in Baltimore, MD.

    He was a former Brooklyn resident who moved to Woodstock, VA in 1985 after retiring from the Baltimore Sun.

    He was born in Charleston, AR. He joined the USMC in 1934 and was a rifle instructor at Parris Island, SC with the 5th Marines. He was discharged in 1940. In 1942 he joined the Army Air Corps at Randolph Field in San Antonio, TX. He was a flight instructor at College Station, TX and an engineer aboard B-29 bombers at Lowry One in Denver. He later flew troop carrier and was a glider pilot for the 82d and 101st Airborne Divisions. He was married to the former Aileen A. Campbell, a native of Scotland. A military funeral was held on October 1, 1993.